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CorenPS Earpiercer

The CorenPS Earpiercer.

The CorenPS earpiercer painlessly pierces earlobes, inserting a hypoallergenic ear stud quickly and safely. Our ready-to-use, one step ear piercing system is packaged, sealed, sterilized, and laboratory tested - the only thing for you to do is choose from the 5 featured styles! 



How is the CorenPS Earpiercer different from a gun?
A piercing gun is spring-loaded, loud and less sterile than the hand-pressured, fully disposable instrument, as it requires cleaning between uses, leaving room for human error. The CorenPS Earpiercer is human-powered, incredibly precise and completely sterile, piercing in one smooth, quiet motion without the necessary noise or risk of a piercing gun.


Can the CorenPS Earpiercer be used for body piercing?
No. The CorenPS Earpiercer was designed to pierce the earlobe and outer cartilege of the ear and should never be used on any other parts of the body.





How to use the CorenPS System.

Step One:
CorenPS should be held firmly, with the thumb on the white plunger and the bottom of the device against the side of the forefinger.

Step Two:
Close the piercer gently to the spot of piercing, pressing straight on the white plunger with your thumb.

Step Three:
Slowly increase pressure on the plunger to break the seal - instantly piercing the earlobe. The ear-stud has pierced the ear and attached to the clasp.

Step Four:
Release the earpiercer and pull straight downward away from the earlobe to disengage it from the clasp.