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Pictured: My grandparents and our family house on Cape Cod.

Our Story

Dr. Simon Coren, was working as a family physician when he recognized the need for a safer and more efficient method of piercing earlobes for his patients. In 1962, he partnered with my grandfather and the Hastings Corporation to introduce the first Coren product, a piercing gun that vastly improved the piercing process for physicians and patients around the country. Still, we sought to produce a more comprehensive solution: an entirely sterile piercing system with preloaded ear studs and clasps. After more than a decade of testing and development, CorenPS launched as the first complete, self-contained, disposable and totally sterile ear piercing instrument in 1974.

In the 50 years since my grandfather partnered with Dr. Coren to revolutionize ear piercing, CorenPS has been handed down to three generations of Hastings. Our ongoing commitment to state of the art manufacturing, materials and techniques has not wavered and neither has the efficacy of our system. 50 years and 3 generations later, we are still the first choice in ethical ear piercing.

It’s a legacy I am proud to carry on and even prouder to share with you.